Linyi, Shandong Province, China
Yan Zhenqing Museum

Yan ZhenQing museum displays works from the important calligrapher of the same name who lived in Shandong Province in China during the 8th century.

The museum is placed on a series of three terraces. On these plateaus the museum takes on the qualities of a type of traditional Chinese garden known as the scholars’ garden.

The museum is composed of three elements; a border colonnade or langfang, exhibition pavilions, and surrounding gardens.

The pavilions are fluted with varying proportions creating changing rhythms across its facade.

The proposal defines a threshold as a colonnade, or langfang, that makes the museum a distinct entity in the landscape.

Linyi, Shandong Province, China
Shandong Longxi Scenic Spot Development Co., Ltd
9,500 sqm
Concept design
Design team
Chris Lee, Kapil Gupta, Stephie Qin Sun, Charlotte Sue, Bolam Lee, Martin Jameson, Patrick Usbourne, Simon Whittle, Fei Wu, Michael Tao Huang, Andrew Chow Wai Tat, Huida Xia, Lola Lozano