Chicago Biennial 2017

Serie was one of 15 firms asked to respond to the 1922 competition brief for the design of a new Chicago Tribune headquarters. The models were presented as a vertical city during the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Our entry, titled 'Other Histories', is based on the structure of the pagoda, an architecture without the hierarchal and binary relationships of western classicism.

The pavilion is the primary element. Programmes spill from one to the other, the table tops defining spatial limits but not limits of contact. 

The tower is an accumulation of parts, each subtly differentiated. It is a vertical city where meaning is embodied in the relation between elements, not by way of an over-arching compositional structure.

The spaces are attuned to the nature of the knowledge economy and the contemporary media environment where performance dominates, flexibility sets value and well being is the ultimate cause. Pavilions frame meeting zones, restful landscapes and hedonistic gardens, the places of productivity for today‚Äôs media workers.


Chicago, USA
Media Company
Chicago Tribune Company
Commission for Chicago Architecture Biennial
Model Maker
Raven Studio