Xian, China
Xian Horticultural Masterplan

The history of the city of Xian, in particular its city walls is the starting point for the project.

The ubiquitous closed city wall is reconceived as an unfolded wall, turning it into a linear structure that delineates the centre of the site.

This one kilometer linear structure is made up of five green houses, each housing different climate zones.

Chang An Park sits at the centre of the linear structure while the northern tip is punctuated by a large entrance square, designed to be a flexible and open space for both horticultural exhibitions and opening ceremonies.


Xian, China
Horticultural Expo
Xian International Horticultural Exposition 2011 Xian
Concept Design – January 2009
Competition 2nd Prize
Site Area
418 Ha
Design Team
Chris Lee, Bolam Lee, Martin Jameson, Stephie Sun