Pavna Lake, India
Goswami House

The architectural form of the house evokes the primitive form of the tent.

It is a type of shelter that intrinsically emphasises the connection between man and nature due to its transient and precipitous being in face of natural elements. In the evolution of shelter; it is what comes between the shelter of the tree and constructed architecture.

The fundamental idea of the tree as a space for social gathering and hence culture, is abstracted to the creation of architecture. The tree manifests in the house not as imitation, but in the abstraction of the very idea of the house itself, and in reality, as trees within the courtyards of the house, framed by the galleries and walls and as much a part of the architecture as the concrete material of the structure.

The house is composed of nine rooms surrounded by a perimeter gallery.

The landscape is framed like pictures, achieving a detachment from the worldly surroundings.


Pavna Lake, India
Concept design