Bratislava, Slovakia
Ruzinov Housing

Ruzinov is a high density, middle income housing project. 440 units are distributed into a family of three towers of 12, 19 and 29 stories. A communal and entrance space is losely captured between the towers. 

The project addressed  two fundamental and enduring problems of mass housing: How can monotony be reduced and what is the right balance between struck between uniformity and variety, communal decorum and individual expression?

The living room is offset diagonally on each floor to avoid repetitive stacking of types. 56 different apartment types are generated.

Loggias create a semi-outdoor room and undulate inwards and outwards to imply a second curvaceous surface that in contrast to the orthogonal façade of the tower.


Bratislava, Slovakia
High-density middle income housing
July 2009 – ongoing
44,000 sqm
Executive Architect
Siebert + Talaš, spol. s r.o.