The Tote

The Tote is a restoration of colonial era buildings set within the Mumbai Race Course that serves as a restaurant, bar and event space.

Our proposal creates a continuously differentiated space, with no clear boundary, underneath the envelope of the conservation building.

The branches of the rain trees on the site are reflected in the structure.

Layers of structure support the existing roof. The plan is imprinted on the ceiling. 

The nave like structure of the reception area.

The interior of the Lounge Bar on the upper level is an intricate arrangement of 3-dimensional, faceted wooden panelling, acoustically treated with sound proofing material.


Banqueting hall, Restaurant & Bar
Completed in October 2011
2500 sqm
Project Team
Chris Lee, Kapil Gupta, Yael Gilad, Dharmesh Thakker, Suril Patel, Purva Jamdade, Advait Potnis, Vrinda Seksaria, Udayan Mazumdar, Mayank Ojha and Atish Rathod
Structural Engineering
Facet Construction Engineering Pvt. Ltd
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
AARK Consulting
Lighting Design
Abhay Wadhwa Associates
Sound Design
Nexus Audio Video with Ole Christensen
Project Managers
Masters Management Consultants
Metal Fabrication
Unique Concrete Technologies
Interior Contractors
Liaison Architects
Barai Architects and Engineers