Santosh Thorat is a Senior Associate at Serie, Mumbai. He graduated with Honours from Bharti Vidyapeeth’s College of Architecture, Mumbai in 2000.

Since joining Serie, he has been involved with architectural and master planning projects like the Bluefrog Acoustic Lounge in Mumbai, a large integrated township project in Pune and the Sustainable Urban Systems Design Competition in Japan (2003). He is currently heading a team working on a large masterplan, cultural center and mass housing project.

Prior to joining Serie Mumbai, Santosh worked at P.G. Patki Architects and Upasani Design Cell and has considerable experience in the hospitality and leisure sector. He has participated in several regional and international design competitions including the Shinkenchiku Residential Design competition in 2005 and the M.G.A.H.V. University competition in 2003.

He is a regular invited critic at architecture colleges in Mumbai.

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